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Judy Savoie 2020

Hi. I’m Judy Savoie, writer, songwriter, photographer. Welcome to my website/blog! 

The mission of my website/blog is to inspire and guide other novice writers and artists in discovering, developing and tapping into their inner child creativity, dreams, and experiences by sharing my own journey for encouragement.  My message is clear: to believe in ourselves enough to know we can achieve anything that we put our minds to.  As a valued follower, you’ll quickly discover my sincerity, honesty, authenticity, and dedication, always working hard at being the best I possibly can.  Relationships with my family and friends are very important to me, more so than ever before. 

The following quote was written September 27, 2011. “Life is like a flower: it is beautiful to look at, delicate and precious, but does not last forever. That is why we must cherish every day while we have the chance, taking time to savour in its’ beauty.”  I did not fully appreciate the meaning of my own words until recently. In the spring of 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, I lost my only beloved sibling, followed by the breakup of my long-term relationship a few months later. Both losses were extremely difficult to handle simultaneously, on top of the unprecedented timing.  I decided early to focus my energy to create something meaningful, to dedicate this website, and my cover featured song “Little Bird” to my late sister, Kat (Kati, Kathleen, Kathie), the “Little Bird” who left us too early at age 52. I’ve also shared two special tribute videos: one to celebrate her birthday on November 24th as well as one for my son. Our family tradition was to celebrate both birthdays together since their special days were so close. In the upcoming weeks, I will introduce the story of the hummingbird to also lovingly honour her memory. 

A bit on my background.  For the past ten years, I’ve been actively involved in various literary and music events, writers and songwriters’ groups, book launches, workshops, classes, festivals and music circles. The date that influenced my life was December 21, 2012, the first day of winter, when I attended a friends’ book launch at a small cafe situated in the Aberdeen Centre in a city, which was 200 km from my hometown.  At that event, I met many amazing, beautiful people. Fifteen months later, I moved near the ocean. I’ve since become the author/coauthor of several books: “Serendipity” (2015), “Simply About Hats” (2016), and am one of a dozen local writers of “Anthology of Shediac Writers” (2019). I have also gotten into music, photography, and a taste of being an entrepreneur! 

Recently I’ve initiated a program, designed the content, and have been facilitating weekly on-line sessions for a group of between 6-12 participants, which incorporates all my areas of training and creative experience, particularly in writing, music, imagery, and mindfulness, to encourage the group to explore their own hidden creative talents.   Each week, I wear a different hat to add to the fun, and others also have done the same. 

In collaboration with (and inspired by) my former partner, I also wrote over twenty-five original songs, we produced eight music cds, including my own cd to complement “Serendipity”, three on which I sang harmony, solo, or played percussion. I designed numerous cd covers, music videos, various promotional material, and assisted with websites, using my original photography.  I’ve performed at music and literary events, and briefly was in a Celtic/folk band, during which time we produced two full length cds that were not officially launched. 

Recently I have been speculating on where I acquired my love for photography, in particular, the ocean and need to be near it. The following comment was posted on my video and song “Second Wave” a few days ago (January 2021) from a cousin ten years older than me, who resides in another country and whom I’ve never met.  It was the ultimate compliment and explanation for the mystery. 

“Judy, your father would be so very proud of you if he were still here…  He was gentle, kind and generous to a fault. His talent for photography runs through your veins…. he loved all nature and bicycled and canoed every chance he got. I remember him developing his pictures he took in his dark room… he was very talented.” 

I received my first lesson at the age of eight, with a camera as a gift from my late father, who also was an amateur photographer in his travels throughout eastern Europe prior to him immigrating to Canada.  He taught me how to develop b&w photos using his darkroom equipment, and fostered my passion in the art of photography. I have over 100,000 images on my computer since the digital age, in addition, to the huge photography collection from my younger years. 

My major goals are to continue to offer creative sessions and expand my audience, to learn as much as possible on various topics, to have my next book published, as my manuscript was put on hold for several years due to other pressing priorities.  I plan on sharing my experiences with others using various social media, to continue to explore and fully appreciate nature via writing, music, poetry, photography, to learn/master a musical instrument by the end of this year 2021, and other collaborative ventures to help others in their own voyages of self-discovery. 

Your support is greatly appreciated by liking, subscribing, following and sharing my website/blog, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram that can be found on the links page of this website.  Thank you so much for being part of and following this exciting new chapter of my journey!   Namaste. 

Judy Savoie 

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