March 2021

Last week, I questioned my sound of mind.  I needed to correct a  journal entry mistake, so I reached for a bottle of Whiteout from my office supplies shelf.  I twisted the fluorescent green top off the tiny white bottle, mindlessly expecting the brush that was under the cap to slide out easily from the container like it always did. To my surprise, there was no brush!  I peeked inside the bottle, speculating it got lodged inside. That wasn’t the case.  I thought I had used the bottle several weeks earlier. I tightened the cap in case it had gotten unscrewed from the grooves of the brush. I removed the cap again, this time I noticed a clear liquid appearance, and wondered why I had ever bought a no-name brand of Whiteout. I dug out my glasses to examine the label more closely for the brand name, or an expiry date like everything these days has. I lifted the familiar object close to my face to read the small print, fixated on the brand name Cetaphil for Whiteout. The name was vaguely familiar.  I wasn’t sure why I resorted to that brand, whatever it was, but vowed to stay away from that type. There was no date to be found. For a split second I considered putting a bit of white liquid onto a tissue and dabbing it against the misspelled word. I was about to toss the unfamiliar defective product out, when it suddenly dawned on me… This was not Whiteout, but a sample sized bottle of facial cleanser, with identical features and colours as the Whiteout bottle!  I eventually found the Whiteout bottle, but was glad I didn’t use the contents of the wrong bottle to wash my face.  In retrospect, that would have covered up my beet-coloured cheeks! 

Yet another more valuable lesson was learned from this.  Although two things may appear to be the same on the outside, it is more important to know what is on the inside! 

February 2021
Created another video “Desert of Shells” to be included on this website.  It is my favorite one so far.  Continuing to learn new things every day. The walking routine is going well.

January 2021
A new year. 2021 has to be a much better year than 2020!   I have more accomplished on my website and am still learning as the ropes of social media and on new programs.  As challenging/busy as it is at times, I thoroughly enjoy this journey.  I designed my logo and banner for multimedia. Creative Flow sessions are still happening every week and going strong.  As part of my exercise in self-care, I walked 53 km in the month of January! My goal is to walk 5 km per day, three days a week.  

December 2020
The month went by fast and I learned many new things. I prepared another music video for my son’s birthday as a gift during the pandemic.  I organized and coordinated my content (photos, music, videos, writings, etc.) for creating my new website.  I chose the name “Savoie Flair” for my website, but still need to design a logo.  I also initiated a new project called Creative Flow, to encourage creative expressions, which I facilitate every Monday night on Zoom. It was great fun to design my own poster for it and class content.

November 2020
Developing ideas for my new website.  I’m proud of a new video I made to honour my sister in time for her birthday this month, using new tools.  It features my son playing guitar as the music background to accompany the photos of my sister’s life.  She loved all music, but especially cherished and supported her family’s music. 

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