Meditative Music / Poetry

“Desert of Shells” is one of my favorite pieces. Is it poetry, music, or in between? I’ll let the listener decide. Subtly heard in the background of the poem I wrote and translated in 2013 is a French song by Gilbert Babin (Desert de Coquillage).

Calming Meditative Music

“Second Wave” is my latest music video (2021) featuring photos and video images from 2020 to compliment a song I wrote lyrics to in 2013. I was inspired by Gilbert Babin’s lovely guitar piece, which he had composed prior to that. We recorded and included the song in my “Serendipity” cd (2015).

Spanish Music

“First Spanish Snowflake” was a song I wrote, sang and recorded as part of a songwriter’s group exercise in April 2018 to another beautiful original piece my musical partner composed a few years earlier (included in my “Serendipity” cd).

Romantic Calming Celtic Music

My second song “Winter of My Life” was originally written in 2013 at a Toronto subway station. The lyrics were frantically scribbled on a real estate newspaper while listening to the beautiful Celtic-inspired piece composed and guitar played by my musical partner, Gilbert Babin. This updated version of the song and video was re-recorded in 2018 to include drums.

Sisterly Love Song

A video made as a tribute to my late sister, Kat (Kathleen) Gyuk, in time for her birthday on November 24, 2020 using photography and music of family and friends.  Sadly, she left our world in spring 2020 during the early stages of the pandemic. She is deeply loved and missed by all who knew her, but remains forever in our hearts.

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