Collage Of Photography

Nature has inspired much of my photography over the past decade, particularly the nautical theme.  I moved to the coastal area seven years ago cherishing the backyard view of the sea. I’ve spent considerable time enjoying the landscape and playground of the ocean with my home being situated 1,000 feet away.

My quest is to explore historic wharfs, walk less frequented beaches and a variety of boardwalks. My faithful subjects are lighthouses, boats, fishing cabins, colorful buoys, ropes, traps, and nets. I take delight in washed up shells, rocks, beach glass, fossils, sea creatures, driftwood, masses of various plant life, herringbone patterns etched on the shore from the tides. 

I am fascinated by the accents of sunsets, along with the motion, crashing sound, and impressive power of the waves. The freshness of the wind captivate my senses to make its presence known. Or the opposite. The stillness and translucent reflections of various shades of aqua, an aura of incandescence, are all contrasts of timelessness. Rotting wooden structures and centuries old rusty nails are occasionally seen at abandoned wharfs and piers throughout the Maritimes.

Regardless of the season or harsh weather, my daily routine includes one small outing to appreciate being near the water.  My repertoire has expanded into video, by creating imagery to compliment my interest in music and writing. I also enjoy capturing local events and people. 

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