Celtic Music / Traditional Song with Modern Lyrics

This video of “Little Bird” (aka Fanny Power) is one of the first songs I wrote lyrics to with my photos in 2013 in collaboration with and accompanied by Gilbert Babin. “Fanny Power” was composed in the 1700s by Turlough O’Carolan, Ireland’s national composer. More than a decade later, lyrics were written by W.B. Keats.


Little Bird (Fanny Power)
There was a young girl, her name was Fanny,
Her spirit so open, and light and free.
She knew in her heart, she was meant to be,
Patiently waiting his plea.
Nearby, a boy, who could not see.
He never saw light, but he felt her glee.
He knew in his heart, where he wanted to be.
To live in her eternal beauty.

Come little bird, come little bird, come little bird,
Come little bird, come little bird.
With you I shall flee,
Teach me to fly,
Soar with me high,
Until we shall die.

One afternoon she lost her way,
She flew to the end of the earth to play.
She lost all her senses that very day.
Because he was too far away.
His powerful thoughts were of her each May.
He missed her so dearly, he had to pray.
Her image was in him, and meant to stay,
A feather fell to the ground that day.


Many years later, a man on the beach,
He plays his guitar (old harp), in solace and peace,
His beautiful music, her ears they do reach,
She writes words that her soulmate can teach.


Calming Folk Song

This “Good Night” video was made in December 2020 as a gift to my son, since we weren’t able to get together. He and my late sister had birthdays ten days apart traditionally celebrated on the same weekend. My musical partner composed and sent me the “Good Night” guitar piece late one evening in 2013 when we lived in two different cities. That night, I wrote the lyrics with my son in mind, shortly after he announced he was to be a father in 2014.
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