Judy Savoie’s Writing Collection

“Serendipity” is a collection of heartfelt prose, poetry and song lyrics with the intention to find my way in life through song, art and love. This small volume is my first book.

“Simply About Hats” is my second book to enlighten the reader on hats, told through personal stories, memories, anecdotes, numerable hat facts and history.

“The Ice Dash – Anthology of Shediac Writers” was published in 2019 as part of the Shediac Writers’ Groups first book. I am one of the original members of the group, and one of a dozen featured writers in the collection.


Journey Audio

I did not recognize the troubled stranger within.
Resting not, from heavy clouds of doubt and weariness,
Questioning my faith, smothering me like a wet blanket.
Living so long, tightly imprisoned in a cold abandoned cocoon.
Who is the person I have become,
And who has taken away my beauty from their stone coldness?
Inner strength somehow managed to beam through the cracks,
Gently awakening the dormant spirits from within.
It was time.
Where have you been and who are you?
I asked the transient ghost of my consciousness.
“Patiently waiting for you, to see the truth that was there all along.
You were not ready for admission until I saw you there, all alone, to take your hand.
I will lead you to the crossroad to choose the path to your destiny.”
I let go of all reservations, open, eager, hesitating not for a second,
To any objections of the mind, obstacles, or barriers.
All pain, negativity, sorrow, coldness, and the darkness were released.
I suddenly felt like a butterfly,
Breaking free from the cocoon from which it was born,
As the innocent wings spread for the first time.
Then the sun came out to warm and welcome me.
The choice was translucent,
Without regret for what might be left behind.
And so I embraced the gentle soft glow and lightness I found within my soul,
I basked in the warmth of the sunlight, enjoying newfound freedom.
I savour each moment in this new journey,
As for now, have found a home.
As I fly – free and light as the air itself – in harmony and peace,
In the beautiful garden where I belong,
With the other butterflies!

Letting Go Audio

Letting Go

I am that last autumn leaf to fall.
The one that dangles so dearly for life until the last moment,
In a fateful nanosecond,
cannot cling anymore,
And slides off.

Turning repeatedly.
Gracefully fluttering,

Until gently touching the earth,
into a brilliance of the colourful carpet.

Just Another Day Audio

Just Another Day

Drifting in and out of reality and dream.
How ever will the future unfold
in a world without you.

No one could have guessed this day would come,
All but polite strangers,
Ghosts with lonely heartbeats.


A miraculous vestige.
Hope waits for the arms of morning light.
Soft whispers and kiss of breeze,
Often neglected and underappreciated gift of fresh air.
Enters the lungs.
Serving as the subliminal reminder of our immortality.

A Deer Winter Sanctuary
The silhouette of ultimate grace.
Saintly by the eyes of the morning sun.
Straw-like wisps of wild grass,
Her camouflage against predators.
Cautiously still against an otherwise monotonous powdered field.
The hard barren terrain behind
Soon will be devoured by the ocean.
In celebration of spring.
This is a kinder season,
Forgiving winter’s hostility.
Tiny buds and swallows await their cue to reveal themselves.
She moves slowly and quietly to find food.
She nibbles on some dry twigs.
Her companion will find her soon in all her splendour.
Her enticing lure is commendable.
And a trophy for others.

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